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Why is it important to book through a Travel Consultant …

A “Travel Consultant” not referred to as “Travel Agents” solely because we are in the capacity of Consulting or Advising our clients.

How does a Travel Consultant achieve this:

  1. Listening & Trust: We understand the importance of truly listening to our clients, their requirements, their interests and their preferences. Once we have built our relationship upon what you are seeking from your holiday, we then build your itinerary to suit you perfectly!
  2. Asking Questions: We ask questions that help us learn more about you – you are, after all, our priority from the moment we first connect, through your holiday, and until you return safely home. Key questions could include your budget, whether you want a quiet holiday or an active one, and what will bring you joy in your trip for years to come.
  3. Suppliers & Services: We work closely with suppliers with whom we have built relationships over many years. – from hoteliers and private villas to tour activities that might include yacht charters and cruising. As experts in our field, we pride ourselves on local knowledge, so if it is a special, traditional restaurant you are looking for … just ask!
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Rest assured, if you meet every single aspect of your clients’ preferences and they receive excellent services from your suppliers; we receive great reviews … this is a marvellous reward to us, for a Job Well-Done!

To give an example, Andrew contacts us to book his honeymoon in Greece. His friends have recommended he books through a travel agent, but Andrew wants to contact a true Travel Destination Professional, a Consultant – he cannot afford for anything to go wrong on this special occasion trip! So, upon getting in touch with Xenaki Travel & Tours, our motivation is to build a relationship with Andrew, find what is important to him and his fiancée; what will make their trip truly unique and memorable for years to come?

As an Experienced Travel Consultant with the extensive knowledge of the Destination, the Services and Activities; we will ensure to make your TRAVEL DREAMS come TRUE~!

Too many Groups available out there, especially on Social Media … for Travellers, asking for Free Advice …

Question in return, when you have a Medical Condition or if your Car Breakdown (Full Engine Failure); do you ask online for Free Advice and Hope by a Miracle you will be Cured or your Car will be Fixed …. No, you will seek professional to ensure the correct services.

Well dear friends … the same applies in Travel; do you wish to have your Travel Dreams come True and have a most Fantastic and Memorable Trip, without Problems or Disappointments …

I lived in Santorini for 9 Years and during my stay there … AirBnB (without prejudice) was launched … well you will not believe how many a times I was stopped to assist a Traveller in Desperation, because the property they booked was no longer available, or wrong island, or invalid … too many times. They were totally frustrated and duly so. I was disappointed for them, because I had to help them, they had to pay more money for a hotel now and many times last minute high hotel rates.  However, at the same time, I realised I am not responsible and should not pity the situation; for this happened because they chose to book themselves without the Consultant.

So inconclusion, please speak to a Registered Travel Consultant, who will have your interests, and preferences in mind in ensuring the best Travel Package solely for you.